Technical Architect Job Description Template

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Science, or equivalent degree is preferred. Knowledge of data warehousing concepts like ETL, dimensional modeling, and sematic/reporting layer design. Possess strong knowledge of Salesforce functionality and configuration capabilities. Experience creating and delivering workflow solutions using Salesforce/Apex, Force and Visualforce. Evaluate possible application performance bottle necks at early stages of the implementation & recommend remedial measures. Bachelors’ degree and years of prior relevant experience or Masters with years of prior relevant experience.

Solution architects will guarantee the solution meets the standards of your company environment. Solution architecture can be introduced to the corporate structure by technology consulting organizations if the process of integrating new software systems isn’t systematic. On top of that, there is no need to have a solution architect for every single project.

roles and responsibilities of technical architect

After developing a strategic technical vision of the product, the solution architect is involved in estimating the budget and presenting it to the stakeholders. Once everything is agreed upon, he or she monitors the process of development and keeps stakeholders informed about the progress. Ultimately, technical architects define how the software must be engineered, while infrastructure architects make sure that this software is successfully deployed and operates well. And yet, a technical architect may be responsible for infrastructure as well. Top 5 technical architect interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Regarding potential pathways to a cybersecurity architect career, also lists cyber crime analyst/investigator, incident analyst/responder, and penetration and vulnerability tester. Architect, etc… They follow the plan and ensure the product or solution meets the requirement of the organization. Evaluating and assessing IT products or solutions to meet the standards and goals of the organization. The average annual salary of a solution architect is $137,449, with the top earners bagging around $183,000 per year.

In order to do so you will first have to understand the company’s present and future needs. You will also have to collaborate what is the development team discuss requirements. Overseeing The project implementation and performance of the system also comes under your responsibilities. Solution architecture is the process of developing a set of tech products and services that solve a specific business problem. This takes into account functional requirements, cost, security, time and other factors.

Suggesting The Best Technical Solution

Teams can reserve these intentional meet-up spaces to close deals, hammer out a project or host team-building activities. This commitment to community is also reflected in the company’s Vibe Committees, focused on culture and creating belonging for all employees, Spraggins said. Develop and demonstrate product expertise, both on the core Dropbox for Business product and APIs. Be the go-to technical resource for various internal and external stakeholders. As a Technical Architect Director, you will be serving as a strategic advisor and Salesforce product and platform expert to the company’s largest, most complex enterprise customers. Solution architecting is not a solo role – you can’t just work out a design, hand it over and walk away.

  • This person works closely with top-level executives and decision-makers as he or she demonstrates to them the business value of suggested technical initiatives.
  • While these aspects are constraints in themselves, each of them has its own limitations.
  • Their influence reaches beyond IT, however, as they can also act as ambassadors between tech departments and business-side units.
  • Public service organizations, Government departments, financial companies, and utility companies are some of the areas you can choose to work in.
  • Our solution architect interview course helps you review the most important system design principles and leadership principles to ace your solution architect interview, with detailed questions and mock interviews.

If you’re between the 25th to 75th percentile, your annual salary would likely fall in the range of $108,500 to $152,000. If you’re an entry-level solution architect, your salary will probably be around $112,120. Analyzing the latest trends in technology architecture like new frameworks or best practices and educating tech departments about them. Defining business goals based on their business analysis, business properties, competitors, architectural models, and other vital factors in both the internal and external environment.

They also link business and IT teams, ensuring that everyone is aligned with developing and implementing technical solutions for business. Demand for these workers is expected to increase as firms seek to improve their efficiency and productivity by implementing new technologies, such as cloud computing and big data analytics. In addition, demand will likely continue to come from consulting firms that specialize in information technology and engineering services. An IT solution architect guides your processes when your target is enterprise solutions or to make your existing product grow. A solution architect should know how to analyze and identify potential short-term and long-term risks that may lead to technical issues and hinder future app business operations.

Match Solutions With The Business Environment

A solution architect accounts for developing and implementing IT systems architecture that fulfills the planned business needs. They start their role by accumulating business requirements, roles and responsibilities of solution architect learning its specifications, and performing with stakeholders to deliver the expected solution. Obviously, there’s no need for an individual solution architect for every product.

To describe complex systems that have many different modules and services, a solutions architect usually prepares a set of diagrams for customers and teams to look at. During the process of updating their tech solutions, it’s crucial that software applications, hardware and tech services perfectly align with the company’s strategic goals. Therefore, organizations need to invest in experts, who have a solid knowledge of what tech solutions are available, and who possess strong business analysis skills, to do the job. Even though project development is not a part of a solutions architect’s role, they are held accountable when deadlines and resource management are brought into consideration. They are required to select the best solution and discard the one that does not fit in the process or business goals, well within time. Generally, businesses have operating systems, information context, and integration facilities.

roles and responsibilities of technical architect

Nearly always when I have discounted some person or some role as not important, I’ve later learned it was because I didn’t yet understand what value they brought or what influence they wielded. The good news is that the more concise you can be in your explanations the better. I’ve been on projects where I’ve written 3 page, 10 page, 50 page and 80 page documents explaining the design. The 50 to 80 page versions mostly get ignored or used like a dictionary – people dive straight to the section they need and ignore the rest. Oh and it can pay better – especially these days where development in common technologies – yes even ABAP – may be seen as a commodity skill.

Technical Architect Job Description

Being able to communicate effectively with stakeholders, project managers, developers, and software vendors involved in the software development process is essential for a solutions architect. The work environment for a senior technical architect is usually an office setting, although travel may be required for meetings with clients or other architects. The job is typically full-time, and architects may work long hours to meet deadlines. The work can be stressful, and architects must be able to handle pressure and solve problems quickly.

Traditionally, small and mid-size businesses consider neither the practice of solution architecture nor the respective role justified. Addressing solution architecture problems is delegated and shared across other roles within a product team. Considering that this role entails negotiating with stakeholders, understanding the needs of all parties, managing risks, and product delivery, the lack of communication skills can create a real bottleneck. The position requires working closely with enterprise and software architects, business analysts, and project teams.

When I at last managed to get her on the phone I launched straight into my “Look, this is not acceptable and it cannot continue” speech. After a moment’s silence she broke down and admitted that her son had recently died in a car crash and that was why she wasn’t able to keep up with her work. There was absolutely no way I could have known that at the time, but I was instantly flooded with the remorse of having put someone in extreme distress under even more pressure. It was a very hard way to finally learn the lesson that you never know what people are going through, what they are thinking or what pressures they have to bear. But perhaps you are thinking – “hey this is the 21st century, so why can’t I do a few videos or a few diagrams or explain things over Skype”. Well if you haven’t already, take a look at Did you know 2014especially the part that points out we are now working with 4 different generations with differing communication preferences.

A key part of building an architecture is to select the best technologies needed for product development. There are a number of approaches to choosing the best tools, platforms, APIs, and programming languages. Now, we hope you have answers to all the solutions architects’ relevant queries and more. If you have other questions, feel free to reach us, we would be more than happy to sort out your business issues. A new product never works alone; it should go well with the current enterprise architecture that already exists in the company.

Roles & Responsibilities Of Solution Architect

A technical architect focuses more on designing and implementing technical solutions. All too often do IT departments still find themselves working in a bubble. They frequently face a lack of oversight and clarity from business leaders, which typically comes down to poor communication and collaboration between departments. Even if the necessary skills are there, no digital transformation project can be expected to succeed without the proper guidance and leadership. A solution architect in this case not only helps you pick optimal technologies for a new software component but also audits the older system and makes sure new software will work properly.

Whereas the job of the Business Analyst is to get into the details the Functional Architect tends to remain at the high/conceptual level of an application. This role is very similar to a product manager except that the functional architect is generally not concerned with all of the product management tasks such as release management, time to market, etc. True however often the Business Analyst like the developers are focused on only a part of the whole – if in more depth. To put it simply – if you don’t record your design don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get followed.

What Is An Enterprise Architect?

Actively manage and lead their initiative to success once they’ve designed the optimal solution. See how they can leverage different business and IT concepts to come up with solutions. Evaluate business requirements and participate in crucial business discussions. General Re Corporation, a subsidiary ofBerkshire Hathaway Inc., is a holding company for global reinsurance and related operations, with more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Learn more about what makes Cushman & Wakefield a global leader in the real estate industry, and why we want you to join our world-class team. You will author design and test documents for large, complex infrastructures, whose risk and cost elements are accepted.

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It’s not exactly a role-based certification specifically for solution architects, but since ITIL is a popular management framework, the person that mastered its principles would be a valuable asset in any managerial position. Since their roles focus on both business needs and technical elements, solutions architects must have various personal, interpersonal, and technical skills. Although there are practically countless technical skills spanning a wide range of technology stacks and infrastructure, there are various core skills that every solutions architect should have. If you’re planning to involve a solution architect into your existing product development, or if you would like to hire a solution architect for your new software development project, make sure to contact us. At Mobindustry, we have specialists with over 10 years of experience in business-oriented software development, and we provide full-cycle development as well as IT consulting services.

Here is a solution architect resume sample that actually landed a job offer. Among other architects, Enterprise Architect needs to have many skills and knowledge. He needs to have the basic technical knowledge to command the Solution and Technical architect.

You’re running a digital transformation project and need to reconsider how you deliver value to your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Integrating new software with existing systems is always a challenge because of compatibility and integration issues. This is especially true with a legacy system built with outdated technologies that has lots of spaghetti code that hasn’t been properly reviewed in a long time. There are currently hundreds of solutions on the market, and a solution architect should know what works best for particular goals. The tech stack for software includes a framework, server architecture, databases, libraries, third-party integrations, APIs, testing tools, and other components.

Your responsibility will cover an assessment of business requirements and a design of efficient architecture and solutions. As an Solution Architect you will be involved in defining long term technology directions and supporting a team of application developers in their introduction. Architects are often responsible for training developers and refining the technical expertise of both junior and senior team members. Similarly most diagrams work best when they are limited to 3-5 major blocks, slides work best when they are limited to 3-5 points per slide, videos when they are limited to 3-10 minutes, and so on for other types of media. One of the big dangers in solution architecting is over-engineering the design.

Solution architects generally work across a suite of interrelated solutions. The general idea here for most solutions is to direct your learning to be “Mile wide, inch deep” – i.e. like a salesperson you need to know a little about a lot of solutions. The more solutions you understand the more possibilities you can discuss and recommend as part of your design.

Cloud Expertise Is A New Requirement

At IK, you get the unique opportunity to learn from expert instructors who are hiring managers and tech leads at Google, Facebook, Apple, and other top Silicon Valley tech companies. The candidate must be highly collaborative, organized, self-starter, analytical, and strategic thinker. Have good trouble shooting skills and is expected to partner with support vendors and other team members on an ongoing basis. This is also useful if you’re planning to present your vision to investors. Having a clear plan with a list of technologies and development steps is always more influential than having a mere idea.

Collaboration between sysadmins and architects goes beyond just fixing critical production problems. Wallenberg noted that the recent transition to remote work in many organizations has rapidly increased the need for Architects who can take a deep, holistic view of their company’s technology portfolio across multiple domains. In Group Digital & IT we strive for something bigger, we are truly customer centric, and we collaborate with inclusion, together cross the Volvo Group. We learn to stay ahead, we are curious and eager to acquire new and deeper knowledge, both as individuals and as teams. DevOps can force developers to work outside their comfort zone and create frustration, but the right Kubernetes training and …